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You may say I'm a dreamer, but I 'm NOT the only one.

- Eternal Summer Episode 4

Makogou look like an old couple….

cr: itoko / illust id=5764030

Can’t wait to see the second season of Free! for more and more Makogou moment :^)

Standing behind you, supporting you, blessing you..

Standing behind you, supporting you, blessing you..

Makoto, did you put off your swim trunk while you are jumping into the swimming pool? Oh my god this was just a big mistake hahahahahahahahahaha

- Episode 10

May you two just stay closer please? :-p

Maybe the only thing we can do is to forget all the pains and keep going.

- Episode 9

Yes Makoto, I also think Gou-chan look so cute, not just talking about the yukata but also the whole of her.. :-p

Makoto being an adorable (and clueless) gentleman~

Fight for the people that you wanted to protect.

- Episode 6

Do you have some fears that always puzzle you?

Don’t worry and don’t forget the people around you, they may help you to fight with the fears.

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