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You may say I'm a dreamer, but I 'm NOT the only one.

- Haikyuu!! Episode 25

The only way to stay on the court is to become stronger.

- Haikyuu!! Episode 21

Do your best even though you’re not the protagonist. As long as you are a part of the team, you will always have your own value.

- Eternal Summer Episode 8

Words can’t express how I feel..! T_T Excited, surprised, amazing, happy.. Makogou is the most healing couple in my world T_T

- Eternal Summer Episode 7

How long is it since the last conversation of Makogou..! So cute T_T…

- Eternal Summer Episode 7

Audio of Makoto calling Gou in this episode… ahhh…… Looooooop….

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According to the introduction, episode 8 is going to talk about how Makoto solving problems for Gou, so I guess there will be Makogou plot for sure. Ahhhhhh Looking forward to it!

- Eternal Summer Episode 6

Ah… I am wondering that.. am I the only one who thought that Makoto was not really happy when Momotarou was going after Gou?

The Scream… lol

The Scream… lol

- Eternal Summer Episode 4

Makogou look like an old couple….

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Can’t wait to see the second season of Free! for more and more Makogou moment :^)

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